Year-round houses

Modular year-round houses - what do you need to know?

All-year-round houses built in modular technology are a modern alternative to traditional construction. Numerous advantages make them more often chosen by investors looking for universal, multifunctional solutions. What is worth knowing about ready-made year-round houses?


Ready-made year-round houses - how are they made?

The construction of a residential house, recreational home or even a small catering facility most often involves many formalities and a long waiting time for the completion of construction. This is entirely different in the case of modular investments. All-year-round wooden houses - both residential and service-oriented - are built much faster because, in the case of models with a built-up area of up to 35 m², the execution of the contract takes only six weeks. This is precisely what MARKAEKO has to offer.

The company offers several houses built of prefabricated modules with a light, wood-frame structure. It consists of insulated floor panels, load-bearing walls and a single-pitched roof. Each module is also equipped with windows and doors and electrical, plumbing and ventilation systems. The all-year-round wooden houses are also finished inside and outside, and the customer can choose the finishing standard. The modules' dimensions have been designed to be easily transported, so it is sufficient to deliver them to the construction site and connect them.

Year-round modular house - frequently asked questions.

How much does a modular all-year-round house cost?

It cannot be denied that also, in terms of price, mobile modular builds are one of the best solutions. MARKAEKO offers modules finished from the outside and inside for a net price of PLN 3,900 per m². So if we are interested in a cheap all-year-round house for any purpose, modular technology is highly advantageous compared to others.

Why is it worth buying a modular all-year-round house?

It is enough to look at the advantages of modular technology to see that, in many cases, a year-round modular house will work well as a holiday home, as well as a catering facility or office. The built speed and low construction costs, energy efficiency, low operating costs, minimalist, modern look, mobility and the possibility of easy expansion definitely support the choice of this technology.

What to look for when choosing a year-round cottage?

It is worth checking whether the structure of the wooden house is made of certified wood and what insulation parameters the insulation used in the frame has. Make sure you invest in a facility equipped with the necessary installations. Let's also choose the right size, considering that a house up to 35 m² does not require a building permit. If you have any doubts, you can always consult experts.

Modular technology, in which mobile summer houses, service and office houses are created, is a perfect solution for people looking for modern, fully functional, and at the same time, cheap solutions. When you plan to build a new house, it is worth getting to know it better.

What are the advantages of year-round modular houses?

The fact that modular houses are delivered to the indicated place in a pre-fabricated condition is their undeniable advantage, as well as that they are mobile - just like Dutch year-round houses. Since they are not permanently attached to the ground, they can be easily moved to another place on the plot and even transported to the other side of the country. However, the advantages of all-year-round houses do not end there.

The advantages also include ecological character - chamber-dried KVH wood of C24 CE class is used to make the frame, energy-saving and low operating costs thanks to the use of insulation and woodwork with a low thermal conductivity coefficient, the possibility of placing it even on a plot with difficult slope, there’s no need to purchase and storage of building materials, traditional construction site maintenance, waste disposal, which means lower investment costs.

Modular year-round houses to size

All-year-round summer houses have an essential feature, which is their unquestionable advantage. It is possible to disassemble, reassemble, and enlarge the usable area by adding additional modules. In practice, a modular facility can be freely modified depending on the needs, adjusting its size to the growing conditions. If the investor initially decides on the CUBEEKO MINI model, which serves as a seasonal home or office, this can be expanded at any time by adding new modules. Importantly, the additional space can enlarge the ground floor space but also create a second, higher level.


Of course, a year-round modular house can be designed at the beginning so that it consists of several "elements" or levels and suits the users with its size. The two-module CUBEEKO MEDIUM "L" / "Z" model, as well as the larger CUBEEKO MAXI "C", are perfect even as family houses. It should be remembered that the latter requires a building permit due to the built-up area of more than 35 m². The possibility of accessible design, as well as the introduction of changes in ready-made projects (e.g. related to the configuration of rooms inside the house), makes all-year-round houses meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.