mordern wooden stair with small garden below. 3d illustration

Types of internal stairs - solutions in modular houses

What are the types of internal stairs?

What are the types of internal stairs? As mentioned in the introduction, modular houses can be not only one-story buildings, but also two-story buildings, which makes it necessary to make appropriate modular house with mezzaninewhich can be used as a bedroom or as a seating area. Therefore, it is worth knowing what types of internal stairs can be made in modular buildings. Well, these are the same types of stairs as in brick buildings, i.e. reinforced concrete, shelf or treatment stairs. The former are made of concrete with appropriate reinforcement, which, however, is rarely done in modular houses. This is due to the fact that the stairs inside a modular house are one of the modules, and therefore must be brought from the factory. Therefore, shelf stairs are much more often used, which are not only visually impressive, but also easy to assemble. They consist of separate shelves that are properly mounted to the wall, which ensures stability and safety. The third popular type of internal stairs are winding stairs, i.e. a solution in which the stairs in the middle of the floor change their direction. A characteristic element in this case are trapezoidal or triangle steps located "on the bend".

What does the comfort of the stairs depend on?

Knowing what types of stairs can be in modular house it is also worth considering what their comfort depends on. Well, the most important parameter in this case is the angle of inclination of the stairs, which the gentler it is, the easier it will be to climb the stairs. What is important in this case, however, is that the gentle angle of the stairs translates into the amount of space they occupy. Comfortable stairs in the house must also have the right width, because it affects not only the comfort of going up and down the stairs, but also the possibility of bringing specific items, e.g. furniture, upstairs. What else does the convenience of the stairs depend on? Their type, as well as the depth and height of the steps are certainly important. It cannot be too small or too large, because in both cases using the stairs will not be comfortable.

The most interesting staircase designs

Currently, stairs are chosen not only for the convenience of going up, but also taking into account visual aspects. Therefore, they must have an attractive design that will perfectly match other elements of the arrangement. Therefore, there are more and more interesting designs of internal stairs that can be equipped with modular house. An example can be glass stairs without railings, which become a real design hit. They are made of a pane of safe tempered glass, which does not break and is scratch-resistant. As a result, the stairs are not only visually impressive, but also safe. They are mounted on metal brackets, which makes the structure stable and resembles shelf stairs.

What to pay attention to to make the stairs safe?

Individual types of internal stairs are also worth comparing in terms of safety. Safe stairs are not only those constructions that are comfortable in going up and down the steps, because protection against falling from a height is also a very important issue. It can be, among others, a wall, so many people, for safety reasons, decide to install stairs running along one of the walls. However, the most important from the point of view of safety is a properly selected and solid railing, which can be made of wood, glass, stainless steel or aluminum. A large variety allows you to match it to the rest of the arrangement and choose a model that meets the needs of the investor. It is important in this case that, in accordance with the provisions of the construction law, the obligation to install the railing on the internal stairs exists when there is a minimum height of 50 centimeters to overcome. This rule also applies to modular houses.

How can you finish the stairs?

Being aware of the large selection of types of internal stairs, it is also worth finishing them properly, which will allow you to get a truly unique effect. Finishing is not only about the assembly of railings, because it can be done in many ways. Currently, the backlight of the steps is most often used, which not only looks impressive, but also translates into safety. Another solution is the use of spot lighting, which can be mounted in the wall where the stairs run. How else to finish the stairs? In the case of wooden structures, a good solution may be to paint them in a color that will suit the arrangement of the room.

To sum up, it should be said that individual types of internal stairs that work well in traditional buildings can also be used in modular houses. However, visual issues and the amount of space that will be occupied by a particular type of stairs are important in their case.