Turnkey house for the price of an apartment - what is worth knowing?

The advantage of modular construction is not only the speed of construction, but also the relatively low cost. As a result, it is possible to purchase a turnkey house at the price of an apartment, which is an extremely attractive solution. What are its advantages? For whom are turnkey houses? We answer.

Definition of "turnkey home"

Wanting to present the advantages of turnkey houses, it is worth explaining first what it includes. Well, a turnkey house is a building in which you can live practically overnight. This is possible because its finishing includes not only interior plastering or all the necessary installations, but also the finishing of the floors, the installation of bathroom fixtures, or furniture and appliances in the kitchen. As a result, when buying a turnkey house, all you need to do is transport your personal belongings to it and then live in it. At this point, however, it is worth mentioning that when buying a turnkey house, it is important to pay attention to the scope of finishing offered by its seller. This is because in practice it may vary, but the assumption is that it should be a building that you can live in without having to do any finishing work.

What are the advantages of buying a turnkey home?

The main advantage of turnkey finished homes is the ability to live in a new building quickly. This is due to the fact that these types of houses are fully finished, and therefore do not require not only additional work, but also the funds that would have to be spent on their implementation. Also important in this case is the fact that by buying a turnkey house, the investor avoids the need to finish it himself, and therefore the choice of materials or the search for appropriate professionals. Both of these can be really problematic and translate into the quality of the building's finish. What else should be included among the advantages of turnkey houses? Well, it is also the consistency of the arrangement, since such buildings are finished according to proven designs and in accordance with current trends.

Who are turnkey homes for?

Turnkey finished houses are a solution that is becoming increasingly popular. This is, of course, the result of the above-mentioned advantages of buildings finished to this standard. However, it is also worth considering who are turnkey houses for? Well, first of all, it is a solution offered to people who want to buy a building that allows them to move in almost immediately. This may be important for them for a variety of reasons, as it may be not only about the lack of time to finish and arrange the purchased house on their own, but also the desire to buy a building that will be finished in a modern way. In addition, turnkey houses are also dedicated to people who are looking for savings. This is because, contrary to appearances, the prices of turnkey houses can be lower than the cost of buying a building in developer condition and finishing it on their own.

Why should you come with specialists to pick up your house?

Regardless of whether you buy a house finished to a developer standard or turnkey, an important issue is its acceptance. This is the process of handing over the house to the buyer, who can at this point report any defects or shortcomings to the seller. In this regard, it is good practice to come to the reception of the house with specialists, because with their experience they are able to accurately verify the quality of the building in question. As a result, it is possible to enforce the implementation of any corrections, or to reduce the purchase price of the house. Therefore, it is worth knowing that there are specialized entities on the market that offer services to support investors in the process of acceptance of the purchased building. Their cost is not particularly high, but it is money worth spending to be sure that the building you are buying has the right quality.

What to look for when signing a house purchase contract?

When signing a contract for the purchase of a house, it is worth paying attention to several important issues that will ensure that the entire transaction goes smoothly. What should be mentioned among them? Well, first of all, the detailed scope of work to be carried out before the acceptance of the building by the investor is important. This is very important, because even in the case of turnkey houses, it turns out that the standard of finishing offered by different vendors can vary significantly. Depending on the manufacturer turnkey modular home This is because it may include full finishing for immediate occupancy or not have all the furniture. What else is important? The timing of the building is certainly an important issue, as the applicable deadlines in many cases must coincide with, for example, the end of the lease of the existing apartment.

What are the prices of turnkey modular homes?

A question that troubles many people is the cost associated with the purchase of a turnkey modular home. Confirmation of this fact can be the popularity of the Internet search for the phrase: turnkey houses price list. Therefore, it is worth being aware that the final price depends on many factors, among which are the square footage of the building in question, the quality of materials and equipment used to finish it, or the scope of the term "turnkey". In practice, turnkey modular homes in many cases are much cheaper than apartments from the primary market, so they can be an excellent alternative to them. Prices in this case start from 3900 zlotys per m², which is much lower than the current prices of apartments not only in large, but also in medium-sized cities. When buying a turnkey modular home, however, the price should not be the most important thing, because more important is the ability to quickly live in a finished building.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying a turnkey home

Among the advantages of turnkey modular homes are not only the speed of construction, and thus the possibility of almost immediate residence, but also high quality. This is because these buildings are manufactured in specialized factories, which makes their components fit together perfectly. This is important for reasons of energy efficiency and thus operating costs. Another advantage is that turnkey modular homes are built according to proven designs, and therefore are not only modern, but also functional. Also to be mentioned as a plus is the fact that, with a square footage of up to 70 m², such buildings can be realized as a modular houses without a permit. In practice, this reduces the formalities of construction to a minimum. On the other hand, the disadvantage of turnkey modular homes is the need to have the full amount of the purchase of the building, since the construction process and its finishing is carried out very quickly.

In conclusion, it should be said that turnkey modular homes not only have many advantages, but in practice can be cheaper than apartments in multi-family buildings. This is an undoubted advantage of the technology, which also produces Modular offices.