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Building application up to 35 m2 - what is the procedure?

Building a house is usually associated with the need to complete numerous formalities. It turns out, however, that in the case of objects with a specific development area, a building permit is not required - a construction notification is sufficient. When is this opportunity available and what is the procedure?

What should be considered when reporting a building?

Until recently, homes without a permit could only be built if their built-up area did not exceed 35 m2. At the beginning of 2022, i.e. with the entry into force of the Polish Order, regulations were also introduced, allowing the construction of a house whose built-up area after the contour is up to 70 m2. Thus, without a building permit, a construction manager and a construction log, it is now possible to erect not only a 35 m2 modular house, but also a larger one. So it doesn't matter what material the building is made of - the regulations cover both modular objects and those erected using traditional methods.

However, what should be borne in mind when deciding to implement such an investment and preparing a notification for the construction of a building up to 35 m2 or more? The regulations stipulate that for every 500 m2 of a plot, one such facility may be erected. In addition, it must be a detached building with a maximum of two floors. Houses on notification still have to be built in compliance with the construction law - so it is necessary to observe, for example, the minimum distances from neighbouring properties.

It is also crucial that the construction of a house up to 35 m2 or larger with permits is possible only when the object is erected for its own needs and not, for example, for rent. In addition, the investor must be the owner of the plot on which the building is to be erected.

Before applying for the construction of a building up to 35 m2 it is also worth figuring out how to calculate its area. It looks as follows:

  • rooms or parts thereof with a height equal to or greater than 2.20 m are included in the calculations in 100%,
  • rooms or parts thereof with a height of 1.40 m to 2.20 m are taken into account in 50%,
  • rooms or parts thereof with a height of fewer than 1.40 m are not included in the calculations.

An important criterium is also the area of influence of the house, which must be entirely on the plot on which it will be built - so it cannot extend to the neighbouring properties. Importantly, when deciding to build a house of up to 35 m2 on request, it should be remembered that it must be in accordance with the local zoning plan, i.e. the local spatial development plan. If the construction is to take place in an area without a local development plan, the investor must obtain building conditions (WZ) - the office is obliged to issue them within 21 days.

Where should I report the construction of a building up to 35 m2?2?

The application for the construction of a building up to 35 m2 should be submitted to the mayor, the city office - if the plot is located within the city with grounds or the district office - if the plot is in Warsaw. You do not need to register in person - you can also do it online. Moreover, under the new regulations, officials cannot oppose the construction. The investor does not have to wait for any answer but can start work immediately after delivering the notification to the relevant administrative authority.

Although with construction of a bungalow up to 35 m2 the formalities are kept to a minimum, the construction supervisor and the designer overseeing the compliance of the construction with the project must be informed of the planned start date. The investor is also obliged to carry out a land survey and, upon completion of construction, an as-built survey inventory.

When should I submit my application?

Applications for the construction of a building up to 35 m2 should be made after collecting the necessary documents, before starting construction works. In addition to the construction design and zoning conditions (for areas without a local development plan), the investor must attach to the application statements that:

  • construction serves to meet own housing needs,
  • the investor assumes responsibility for managing the construction site if he resigns from employing a construction manager,
  • the documentation attached to the notification is complete.

How much does an application cost?

In the case of single-family houses in which there is no business activity, notification of building construction up to 35 m2 is free of charge. Before the introduction of the new regulations, the fee was applicable only to investors who intended to use part of a single-family house for purposes other than housing - it amounted to PLN 1 for each square meter of usable space, but not more than PLN 539. However, in light of the new regulations, which allow for building a house for personal use only, this provision is repealed.

Outbuilding up to 35 m2 and their registration

Although the new regulations provide more opportunities to investors interested in building a single-family house for their own use, they have not changed in the context of farm buildings. As we can read in the Construction Law Act, the notification is required for the construction of detached one-story farm buildings, garages and carports with a built-up area of up to 35 m2, and the total number of these objects on the plot may not exceed two for every 500 m2 of the plot area.

The notification of the construction of a farm building with an area of up to 35 m2 is carried out in the same way as the procedure in force so far.

Although it was possible to build houses without a permit for several years, interest in them increased with the announcement of the assumptions of the Polish Deal program. From January 2022, new regulations are in force, and the construction notification procedure is to be even easier from the investors' point of view.