Modular offices

What are their advantages?

Modular offices are a modern alternative to buildings erected using traditional methods. This solution is used by both individual entrepreneurs and investors. What are the advantages of modular offices, what determines their functionality and do they require a building permit?

Modular offices - why are they so popular?

Although modular construction is almost a standard in Western Europe and Scandinavia, the advantages of this technology are still being discovered in Poland. Recently, the interest in the modular construction system has been growing regularly - this is due to, among others, a significant increase in the prices of building materials and problems with the availability of resources. The constantly growing popularity of modular technology is also due to the possibility of its versatile use - not only houses are erected from prefabricated elements, but also public buildings, hospitals and offices.

Modular offices are a solution that can create interest for both, individual entrepreneurs and investors, creating office space for rent. Notably, modern modular offices are not only impressive buildings - the multitude of available options means that you can quickly adapt the building to your needs. Therefore, not only large corporations can benefit from the advantages of building offices in modular technology, but also small, including even single-person companies.

Modular offices
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Is a modular office a practical solution?

A modular office is a highly functional solution mainly due to: the shorter construction time compared to traditional buildings, lower investment implementation costs, energy efficiency and high aesthetics of the entire structure. At the same time, modular offices are mobile and ecological, and they can be set up even on land with difficult terrain conditions.

How much does a modular office cost?

When it comes to modular offices, the price by the MARKAEKO company ranges from PLN 3,000 net per 1 m2. This amount includes the skeleton of the building with the roof, windows and doors, installations implemented at the stage of prefabricated production, as well as external and internal finishing in accordance with the selected standard.

Do modular offices require a building permit?

Pursuant to the provisions of the Building Law Act, a house with a building area of up to 35 m2 does not require a building permit. In such a situation, however, the regulations obligate the investor to notify the construction by application. The material or technology in which the building is erected does not matter - Polish law does not provide for any restrictions in these respects.

Modular construction is becoming an increasingly well-known technology in Poland. In the modular construction system, not only houses and hospitals, but also offices that can be erected faster and cheaper, without sacrificing high-quality investment and aesthetic finishing.

Applications of modular offices

As mentioned, modular offices are a solution for both large and small, even one-person companies. Entrepreneurs belonging to the latter group will undoubtedly be interested in the proposal of the MARKAEKO company. The offer includes several small houses with a light, a wood-frame structure that can be successfully adapted to an office.

You can choose, among others, CUBEEKO MINI projects with a usable area of 13.9 m2 and CUBEEKO MEDIUM "L" / "Z", in which the functional area is 28 m2. People who need more space will like the CUBEEKO MAXI "C" project, providing 42 m2 of usable space. These objects can have a variety of uses - from your own home office, through an office space for several people, to a studio. Thanks to the availability of various sizes and the possibility of adjusting the layout of the rooms, the modular office will perfectly match the needs of future users.

Advantages of modular offices

Creating a comfortable, safe and efficient office space can turn out to be quite a challenge. However, due to the numerous advantages of modular offices, they are an excellent response to various expectations of entrepreneurs. Why is it worth considering this solution? The main reasons for choosing modular offices are:

  • shorter construction time - modular buildings are ready for use even within a few weeks after placing the order. This is possible, among other things, because most of the work takes place in a closed production plant under controlled conditions;
  • mobility  mobility - if necessary, the modular office can be dismantled and erected in a new place;
  • ecological nature of the investment - carefully selected ecological materials are used for the production of prefabricated elements, such as chamber-dried KVH wood, class C24 CE;
  • energy efficiency - modern insulation systems as well as window and door joinery used in modular offices significantly reduce building operating costs;
  • high aesthetics - in terms of aesthetics, modular offices are in no way inferior to buildings erected using traditional methods;
  • low area restrictions - modular offices can be erected even on plots with difficult ground conditions, where the construction of a traditional facility is sometimes impossible.

What are the prices of modular offices compared to buildings erected in traditional technology? Until recently, construction costs in both cases were comparable, of course, depending on the type and size of the facility and the solutions used in it. However, investors are increasingly looking for a more advantageous alternative in the era of drastically rising prices of building materials. It is worth adding that it is easy to make mistakes in traditional construction, so the cost estimate often requires correction. Modular offices, on the other hand, are created in controlled conditions, which reduces the risk of irregularities and, thus, cost increases to a minimum.