Modular objects

We present to you modernist modular houses, which are characterized by an innovative construction made of ecological materials, a variety of functions, freedom of shaping, mobility and shortened implementation time compared to traditional construction. In our offer you will find something that suits your needs and preferences. It can be, for example, a year-round residential house located away from the city noise. The opportunity to relax in such a place sounds very inviting. A different variant may be the use of our house as an office building, and its mobility will allow you to place it both on the sidelines of your own plot, and even in the city center. The more modules make up a given facility, the more possibilities it has for its use and development. It is possible to expand the house with more modules, so you can divide your investment over time.

Waiting for the project, official formalities and long implementation time are things that you no longer have to worry about. Imagine a situation where your plot is developed in one day. Hard to believe? We assure you that it is possible.

More and more people want to live ecologically, in harmony with nature. That is why our company meets these expectations. We strive to care for nature by building energy-saving modular houses using environmentally friendly materials.

What are modular objects?

These are spatial structures separated by the floor, walls and roof. Each module is prefabricated in the production hall and equipped with all necessary installations during production, depending on its intended use. While the factory is in the process of preparing the modules, preparatory work can be carried out on site, which greatly reduces the lead time.



A one-storey building consists of one module with a building area of 17.4 m22, oraz powierzchni użytkowej 13,9 m2. , and a usable area of 13.9 m2. Perfect for a seasonal home. Thanks to the appropriately applied technology of the walls, it will prove itself handy both in the summer and winter seasons. 

It is also a very good offer for people looking for a small mobile office. As standard, we offer several options for arranging this seemingly small space. MINI is our basic module, which, thanks to well-thought-out design solutions, is adapted to be expanded with additional "cubes". 

It is an ideal base for entrepreneurs who want to expand their company's operations with new points of sale and a place to meet clients. The use of this space is universal and, contrary to appearances, basically unlimited.


Single-storey or multi-storey version. Up to 35 m2 without planning permission.


CUBEEKO „L” " is a one-storey or multi-storey building consisting of two modules of the CUBEEKO MINI size connected in the shape of the letter "L". The building area is 34.8 m2, and the usable space is 28 m2. An essential element here is that such an area is feasible only on the application; you do not need to have any building permits. Thus you save time and money. This can be ideal for enterprising people who love to invest and allocate money wisely.

Like the CUBEEKO MINI, "L" is an excellent proposition for a residential house for 2-4 people. The duplicated row layout of homes of this shape will fit very well into a recreational area, e.g. a camping site, and various options for finishing the facade will distinguish each house separately. A personalised gloss will give character to each module. In the example, there is a parzenica motif in the form of a sliding curtain. This module form will also work well as a catering facility, such as a minibar or a cafe with a small terrace for customers. It can also be an excellent proposition for active people who love to exercise and have always dreamed of having their own gym.

 CUBEEKO „Z” is a one-storey building consisting of two MINI-sized modules connected in the shape of the letter "Z". The building area is 34.8 m2, and the usable space is 28 m2. The unusual form of the building will make it stand out from the crowd. „Z” will be an advertisement for itself in the case of serving as apartments for rent located in the mountains and by the sea. . In terraced houses, it will create exciting forms of space development together with „L” bardzo ciekawe formy zagospodarowania przestrzeni. Taking into account the arrangement of the interior - there are plenty of options. We present to you a few that are included in our standard. 


Single-storey or multi-storey version. Above 35 m2. A one-story building consists of three modules connected in the shape of the letter "C". The building area is 52.2 m22and the usable space is 42 m2.2

C”is the „L”. version increased by one module Along with the increased usable area, the possibilities of the building's use increase. This building will be a perfect place to meet and relax for two families, both in summer and winter. It will also work well as a year-round house for a family of 2-4 people. A significant advantage of this development is its modern and original look, which can be an ideal form for a customer who goes with the times, who feel good in the so-called apartment building.  

Possible usages could be enumerated for a long time: from a private leisure facility to a beauty salon. There are plenty of development possibilities; the only limitation is our imagination. That is why our houses are simply universal and timeless.

An object of this type can be used to increase the usable area of ​​any module or arrangement of modules. It can also be a separate multi-purpose room. Recently, it has been perfect as a garden sauna, spa or jacuzzi

Construction works are limited to:

Making the foundation base

Media connection

Combination of ready-made modules

If the building consists of more than one

Interior design of the building

If we hand over without equipment