Modular house 70 m²

Why is it worth it?

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own home but feared the complicated procedures and high costs associated with traditional construction? Have you thought about how to minimize your environmental impact while still enjoying the comfort and privacy of your own home? If so, we have good news for you! From January 3, 2022, anyone who owns a building plot can build a house on it up to 70 m² in a simplified procedure. Modular homes, also known as prefabricated homes, may be the perfect solution for you.

Modular house 70 m² - a cheap alternative to a traditional house

If you are thinking about building your own socket, but do not want to plunge into the long and expensive process of traditional construction, a 70 m² modular house may be the perfect solution for you. Modular houses, also known as prefabricated houses, are increasingly popular around the world, including Poland, due to their cost-effectiveness, speed of construction and high quality.

Such houses are manufactured in parts in a specialized factory, and then delivered to the construction site, where they are assembled on a pre-prepared foundation. This shortens the investment implementation time compared to construction in the economic system, and often also reduces costs. Modular homes are also known for their energy efficiency, which translates into lower heating and cooling bills. All thanks to wall insulation already at the production stage.

Turnkey modular house 70 m² - frequently asked questions

Facilitating the construction of a house up to 70 m2

From January 3, 2022, anyone who owns a building plot can build a house up to 70 m² on it in a simplified procedure. This means you can build a house without having to hire a construction manager and keep a construction log. Of course, the decision to hire professionals remains in your hands if you decide that their help is needed.

The house you can build under this program is single-family residential building, detached, which has no more than two storeys and is entirely located on the plot or plots on which it was designed. It can be a house built for own housing purposes or as a recreational house.

Anyone who has the right to dispose of real estate for construction purposes can use this simplified procedure, provided that the investment meets his own housing or recreational needs. It does not matter marital status, social status or family situation.

What's more, thanks to the new law, you can submit all the necessary documents online, which saves you time and money. The municipality's zoning decision is issued in a shorter period of time - up to 21 days. And most importantly, after the construction is completed, if your life plans change, you can sell the house, rent it out or rewrite it to another person.

These facilitations in the construction of houses up to 70 m² are part of the new Act of September 17, 2021 amending the Construction Law Act and the Spatial Planning and Development Act (Journal of Laws, item 1986).

Why is it worth investing in a 70 m2 modular house?

Investing in a modular house 70 m2 It has many advantages. First, they are cheaper to build and maintain than traditional homes. Second, modular homes are typically more energy efficient, which means lower energy bills. Thirdly, the construction time of a modular house is much shorter than in the case of traditional construction, which means that you can enjoy your new home faster.

What to consider when choosing a 70 m2 modular house?

When choosing a modular house 70 m2, it is worth paying attention to several key factors. Firstly, it is important to choose a house from a reputable manufacturer that offers a warranty on its products and can boast of already existing implementations. Secondly, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the materials used to build the house. Thirdly, it is worth considering the variety of projects offered and the options to adjust the appearance and functionality of the investment to your needs. And fourthly pay attention to the offers with the option of turnkey finishing. Thanks to this, you will be guaranteed that the building on the construction site will be assembled by specialists closely cooperating with the factoryor even employed there. Fifth, look around for manufacturers offering not only the sale of ready-made houses, but also funding.

How much does a 70 m2 modular house cost?

The cost of building a modular house is 70 m2 may vary depending on many factors, such as the selected manufacturer, quality of materials, construction location and many others. However, in general, the cost of building a modular home is usually lower than the cost of building a traditional home. For example, modular wooden houses all year round without a permit  at MARKAEKO, they cost from PLN 3,900 net per 1 m2. This price includes the frame of the building with the roof, window and door carpentry, installations implemented at the prefabrication stage, and external and internal finishing in accordance with the standard selected by the investor.