Modular house 35 m²

Why is it worth it?

Investors often choose to build a house on a plot outside the city instead of buying a flat. It turns out that both solutions are financially comparable, and the latter may even turn out to be cheaper if we decide on a 35 m² modular house. What are the advantages of such an object, and will it work only as a residential house?

Modular house 35 m² - a cheap alternative to a traditional home

The growing costs of building materials and labour mean that people planning to build a house are increasingly looking for options other than traditional construction. Modular technology is a much cheaper alternative, avoiding all problems when erecting a brick building. Moreover, all-year-round 35 m² modular houses are not inferior to classic buildings in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and maintenance costs.

Even such a small house can successfully serve as a permanent home for a family, but it will also be perfect as a winter or summer house. However, the possibilities for developing modular homes do not end there. The facilities offered by the MARKAEKO company are also successful as houses for rent. They replace caravans in camps and are used as restaurants, offices, home saunas and gyms. In practice, the home space can be designed and used in any way and also in any place. Both the 35m² modular house with an attic and the one-story house can be easily transported and installed in the desired location, which significantly increases the possibilities for private and commercial investors.

Turnkey modular house 35 m² - frequently asked questions

Why is it worth investing in a 35 m² modular house?

The speed of order fulfilment, completion of works on the construction site in one day, energy efficiency and low price are one of the most significant advantages of a 35 m² modular house. Remember that such a facility can be erected even in difficult ground conditions, and we do not need a permit for construction.

What should you consider when choosing a 35 m² modular house?

Choosing a year-round cottage should be preceded by thoroughly analysing its technical specifications. Let's pay attention to the quality of the materials used for construction and insulation and the internal layout in line with our preferences. It is also important to distribute the installation by the facility’s purpose and select the optimal heating method (e.g. electric).

What are the prices of modular 35 m² houses?

As for the 35 m² modular house, the net price at MARKAEKO is PLN 3,000 per m². It includes not only the skeleton of the building with a roof and window and door joinery but also the installations distributed at the stage of manufacturing the modules, as well as external and internal finishes.

If the space offered by a small modular house of 35 m² is sufficient for us, it is definitely worth investing in. Such an object can fulfil many functions, and its construction is definitely simpler, faster and cheaper than in the case of a traditional building.

Advantages of 35m² modular houses

Some of the advantages of modular houses have already been mentioned - the possibility of adapting them in various ways and mobility. What is very important, the small building area also allows you to erect such a facility only on building application, without the need to apply for a building permit. The advantage of modular houses is also the fact that they are all-year-round facilities, which allows them to be used regardless of weather conditions. The time of the year also does not matter for the order completion date - the execution of a turnkey modular house of 35 m², such as CUBEEKO MEDIUM "L" / "Z", usually takes no more than six weeks, which is an undeniable advantage for people who care about the time. Ready modules are transported to the construction site and assembled in a designated location, so the investor does not have to worry about maintaining employees, purchasing construction materials or storing them.

The advantages of modular technology also include its ecological character - the skeleton structure is made of C24-certified wood with the right humidity. The finished object is also not expensive to maintain due to the small area, but also the excellent quality of insulating materials, windows and doors. Finally, by choosing a 35 m² modular house, we can easily expand it in the future with new modules.

Types of modular houses 35 m²

The modules that make up the house can be designed and combined in various ways. Modular house designs up to 35 m² include both single and double elements. The smallest modular home, CUBEEKO MINI, has only 13.9 m² of usable space and is a basic "cube" ready for further expansion. The aforementioned CUBEEKO MEDIUM "L" / "Z" with a functional area of 28 m² consists of two MINI modules that can only occupy the ground floor space or create a multi-storey facility. In both cases, it is also possible to arrange the room in various ways. Remember that having a building permit, we can decide on the CUBEEKO MAXI "C" house with a usable area of 42 m² - such an object can be used, for example, to increase the area of smaller modules.

Houses of this type may therefore look completely different - depending on what arrangement of modules we choose and how we adapt their interior. In addition to the configuration of the rooms and the type of finish, we also impact the façade’s appearance or supplement the design with other elements. For example, a 35 m² modular house with a mezzanine can be additionally equipped with a terrace - covered or not - or with a pergola or mobile curtains. The contractor, if possible, may also be happy to consider our suggestions.