• OFFICE - office modules are growing in popularity. Remote work does not have to be at home. Modular office can be placed anywhere , even in your own garden. Don't move your work to your home, create your own professional space.
  • RECREATIONAL (with bale) - do you have your favorite place on earth, a small plot of land in a quiet place, a garden away from the city? Choose our recreational module to relax and get away from reality. You don't want to live there yourself, rent to others and earn money.
  • RESIDENTIAL (with terrace, barbecue, pool) - wondering if our module can serve as a year-round house? Of course it can! In addition, it is not inferior in any way to houses built using traditional methods. You can also change the shape and area of your house at any time by adding more modules. Create your unique project , perfect for you.
  • Gym - Do you love to exercise, but your favorite gym is far away and you don't always want to commute? How about your own gym in the garden or allotment? Create your own backyard, durable and aesthetically pleasing modular space and enjoy your daily physical activity.
  • STORAGE - our modules can also serve as your warehouse, a space for storing goods.
  • SHOP - modules can also have a commercial purpose. Test your local market, and if this is not the place for you, just choose another. It could be a kiosk, a showroom, a small boutique, a pharmacy, a franchise of a popular food chain or a bank branch. 
  • FOODTRUCK - It doesn't have to be a van, choose our module for your portable kitchen, create a take-out buffet in a convenient space.
  • BEACHBAR - our modules are beautifully presented in the mountains , as well as by the sea. However, Beachbars are also gaining popularity on urban beaches. Do you have a plot of land by a river or lake? The module is a great business idea for you.
  • PUBLIC - an offer not only for city and village authorities . Our modules can have a variety of purposes: watchtower, rental shop, surfer's booth, tourist information, city toilet, beauty or hair salon, city bath, etc.