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How to choose a company building a modular house project?

Modular houses are gaining more and more popularity in Poland, and thus more and more companies dealing with their construction appear on the market. Of course, not all of them offer the highest quality, and therefore the contractor should be properly verified before establishing cooperation. How can I do that? The answer to this can be found in this article, which describes how to choose a company that implements a modular house project.

Check the completed projects

As mentioned in the introduction, the construction of a modular house requires the selection of an appropriate contractor, which must be properly verified. To do this exactly, you need to follow a few steps to assess not only the quality of the company's services but also the attractiveness of its offer. Where to start? A good solution is to verify what the buildings that have already been constructed by a given company look like. You should be aware of the fact that the photos in the catalogue are not always reflected in reality. Therefore, it is worth asking the company's representative to show the previous builds, and during such inspections, you can also talk to previous clients and get to know their opinions about the owner. This can be decisive when choosing the final contractor. However, if it turns out that the company prevent such an inspection, it can be assumed that it has something to hide and it is not worth using its services.

Choose companies with experience

Another important consideration when choosing a modular home contractor is the company's experience. This is due to the fact that the popularity of modular homes in Poland is growing very quickly, and thus new entities are appearing on the market that offers this type of solution. However, it is worth bearing in mind that newly established companies usually offer lower quality or are only just implementing a given technology. In many cases, the problem is also the fact that these companies are on the so-called "Achievements", therefore they put their profit in the first place. Therefore, you should choose companies with appropriate experience, who have made many implementations and are able to guarantee the highest quality and an attractive price. An example is MARKAEKO, a company that has been building modular houses for over 10 years, gaining hundreds of satisfied customers during this time. Its offer is available at the link:

Check the opinions about the company

How to verify a construction company? One of the easiest ways is to check the opinion about it on the Internet. Especially if we consider that we most often search for producers of modular houses on the Internet by entering the following phrase in the search engine: modular house company. On the Internet, you can find many opinions about this type of entity, which means that reading them allows for initial verification. Companies with the most negative comments are usually rejected on the basis of these opinions, thus avoiding problems arising after signing the contract. You should also be aware of the fact that the opinions obtained personally during the inspection of actual implementations may sometimes be unreliable, because the company's representative may deliberately contact us with people who will give a positive opinion. When looking for opinions on the Internet, you can be sure that they are truthful, and therefore it is worth considering them when choosing a company. Seeing negative opinions about the company on the Internet, a red lamp should light up in our head, resulting in resignation from such an offer or at least asking the representative about these issues.

The versatility of the company

When choosing a company that is to build a modular house, it is also worth considering its versatility. What does it mean? First of all, it should be verified whether the company performs projects only up to the closed shell, whether it is able to hand over the building in a finishing state, or even "turnkey". The variety of projects that have been developed as modular houses is also essential. These projects should enable the expansion or superstructure in the future and be distinguished by various sizes, which allows you to choose a solution that suits your individual needs. An example may be the already mentioned company MARKAEKO, which offers modular houses in three versions, namely CUBEEKO MINI with a usable area of 13.9 m2, CUBEEKO MEDIUM "L" / "Z" with a usable area of 28 m2 and CUBEEKO MAXI "C" with an area of 42m² of usable area. On their basis, the company also offers the construction of modular offices that can be adapted not only as an office space but also as a service point or restaurant.

Compare the offers

When choosing a construction company to build a modular house, it is also worth comparing the offers of various entities, which will allow you to select the best one. In this type of comparison, however, not only how much a modular house costs should be considered because the price usually depends on several issues. For example, the price of a modular house will depend on the technology used to build it. You should be aware of the fact that a modular house can be based on a wooden frame structure or be made of expanded clay concrete. In the former case, its price will certainly be lower. What else to consider? First of all, the implementation time, the detailed scope of works that are included in the price and length, as well as the scope of the warranty provided by the manufacturer. A careful comparison of offers from different manufacturers allows not only to choose the best one but also to pay attention to important details and ask the contractor about them.

How to choose a construction company that will build a modular house? First of all, it should be carefully verified in terms of those aspects described in this article. In addition, it is also worth considering its position on the market, because on this basis it can also be concluded that it is a trustworthy entity.