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How long does it take to build a modular house?

Modular homes are solutions that are known all over the world, especially in Canada or Scandinavian countries. Also in Poland, they are quickly gaining popularity, which is mainly due to their advantages. One of the most important is certainly the fast turnaround time. How long does it take to build a modular house? What determines the implementation time of this type of project? These and other questions are answered in this article.

Fast turnaround time is one of the main advantages of a modular house

As mentioned in the introduction, one of the most important advantages of modular technology is the fast construction time. This is due to the fact that summer modular houses are built even in a few days, and living in year-round buildings is possible as soon as 2-3 months after the selection of the project. In their case, however, it is also necessary to build a proper foundation, and information on this subject can be found at the link: As you can see, the construction of modular homes is definitely faster than traditional brick buildings. However, many people still don't quite believe it, and the phrase "modular home lead time" is one of the most frequently searched on the Internet in the context of modular homes.

What will the delivery time of a modular house depend on?

The completion time of a modular house project is usually about 2 months, and in the case of the project found at the link: construction takes 6 weeks. So what does the construction time of a modular house depend on? First of all, on the conditions of the specific project, such as the area of the house, or the solutions used. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is also important whether it is to be a summer house or a year-round house. In the latter case, it is also necessary to build a suitable foundation, which is usually on the investor's side. The completion time also depends on the construction technology used for the modular house, which can be made of expanded clay concrete or based on a wooden or metal frame structure with appropriate filling.

What else does the construction time of a modular house depend on? Returning to the floor space area, it should be noted that in the case of modular houses with a built-up area of up to 70 m2, it is not necessary to obtain a building permit. Modular houses without permits mean fewer formalities, which directly translates into the possibility of faster living "on your own". The speed of project implementation certainly depends also on whether the investor chose a typical project available in the catalogue of a given company or decided to introduce individual changes to it. The latter solution is available more and more often, but it should be borne in mind that it not only extends the construction time but also increases its costs.

Where is the actual construction of modular houses taking place?

Modular technology stands out from traditional construction technologies because the actual construction takes place not at the construction site, but in a specialized factory. Depending on the manufacturer, the factory can produce up to 90% of ready-made elements, which are then transported to the construction site and assembled together. This solution means that modular houses are built regardless of the season and the weather conditions. It also makes it possible to dispense with the use of concrete and traditional masonry mortars.

One of the advantages of modular houses is precision and high quality of workmanship. These facts also arise because individual elements of modular homes are made in factories. Thanks to this, they can be manufactured with great care, as well as with the use of modern machinery, which translates into accuracy and the highest quality. The elements produced in factories fit together perfectly and are an accurate representation of the design assumptions.

How long can it take to assemble the building on site?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, modular houses are made in specialized factories, and at the construction site, only the assembly of individual elements that are joined together is carried out. So how long can the work on the construction site last? Assembling a building on site usually takes several days, and such a short implementation time is mainly due to the fact that the individual elements fit together perfectly. It is also worth emphasizing that professional teams that deal with the assembly of modular houses perfectly know the technology used and design assumptions. Heavy equipment is also in operation at the construction site, which facilitates the transport and positioning of heavy building elements. When discussing the issue of assembling a modular house on the construction site, it should also be emphasized that the entire process is not only fast but also clean. This is mainly due to the fact that only ready-made elements are delivered to the construction site, which is not modified or matched in any way. Therefore, the investor does not have to worry about keeping the construction site tidy, or with the remnants of materials that are characteristic of traditional construction technologies.

Summing up, it should be said that modular technology is by far the fastest building technology known so far, and how long a modular house is built depends on a few basic issues. Regardless of them, a modular building may be ready for occupancy even after less than 2-3 months from the selection of a specific project.