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How much do a modular house cost and does such a price make sense?

Modular technology is becoming more and more popular in Poland. However, there are many doubts about the cost of this type of investment. How much does a modular house cost, what is included in this price and is it a profitable solution in our country?

What services and their costs are included in the construction of a modular house?

Modular homes have a number of advantages. These include, first of all, shorter investment time, mobility, eco-friendliness, energy efficiency, high standard and aesthetics of the finish. However, there is one more aspect that distinguishes modular houses - the price of their construction compared to buildings built using traditional methods may be lower by up to 30%. Although the final cost depends on many individual factors, in the era of rising prices of materials necessary for the construction of a brick building, modular houses are becoming a cheaper alternative for them.

Before we go into specific amounts and answer the question of how much it costs to build a modular house, it is worth finding out what exactly is included in this price. The detailed scope of services offered may differ depending on the contractor, but at MARKAEKO the proposed amount includes:

  • - the skeleton of the building with the roof,
  • - windows and doors,
  • - electrical, water and sewage installations implemented at the stage of prefabrication,
  • - external and internal finishing in accordance with the standard selected by the customer.

All-year-round houses  or modular offices are therefore delivered to the construction site in a finished state. What, however, is not included in the basic price? As a standard, the quoted amounts do not include the costs of home or office equipment - i.e. the prices of furniture and equipment.

Construction of a modular house - what are the minimum prices?

How much a modular house costs is influenced primarily by the technological specifications, including the materials used to manufacture the components. For it turns out that modular houses can be built using several technologies - one of the cheaper, and more popular, is frame construction. Such modular houses are built from prefabricated wooden or steel components. They are usually small in size - it is not uncommon for them to be permitless houses, which can serve as both a year-round building and one used seasonally. How much does it cost to build a modular frame house? Prices per square meter start at around £1,400 net.

Modular houses, however, are built not only of wood - components can also be made of expanded clay. It is a durable material with very good thermal insulation properties that meets the requirements of energy-efficient construction. How much does a modular house made of LECA elements cost? In this case, the amounts are slightly higher - a building in a closed shell will cost at least PLN 1700 net per 1 m2. When deciding on a finished building, you usually have to pay no less than PLN 2,000 for 1 square meter.

Nevertheless, the amounts are still lower or very competitive compared to traditional buildings. At MARKAEKO, prefabricated elements for the construction of modular houses are made of ecological materials - the structure of the walls, roof and floor is made of chamber-dried KVH wood, class C24 CE. How much does a modular house built with such technology cost? Prices start from PLN 1999 net for 1 m2. As mentioned, this amount includes the building's skeleton, roof, window and door joinery, installations and exterior and interior finishes.

The final investment cost also depends to a large extent on the size of the building. In this respect, the designs of modular houses are characterized by a lot of variety. You can choose, among others, small modular houses, such as CUBEEKO MINI with a usable area of 13.9 m2, or slightly larger concepts, such as CUBEEKO MEDIUM "L" / "Z", with a usable area of 28 m2. Even more, space will be provided by the CUBEEKO MAXI "C" modular house with a usable area of 42 m2.

How much does a modular house device cost?

However, it is important not only how much it costs to build a modular house, but also how much its maintenance will cost the investor. In this case, the final amounts may also differ - a lot depends on the standard of finishing and equipment of the building and the quality of the selected materials or equipment. Therefore, to the question of how much a turnkey modular house costs, it is difficult to give one simple answer - it is closely related to the client's preferences.

Is it profitable to invest in a modular house in Poland?

Many people want to know not only how much a modular house costs, but most of all whether such a purchase is profitable. In this context, one thing is certain - when planning the construction of a single-family house, investment in a modular building is an option undoubtedly worth considering. It is true that a lot depends on the customer's expectations, but modular houses offer great arrangement options while ensuring high aesthetics of the finish. At the same time, they are faster to build, if necessary, they can be dismantled and placed in a new location, and finally, in many cases, they are cheaper than buildings constructed using traditional methods.

Although it is difficult to give a straight answer to the question of how much a modular house costs, it is possible to roughly estimate the amount of the entire investment. However, in the face of constantly rising prices of building materials, which are used in the implementation of traditional projects, modular houses are both a modern and increasingly cheaper alternative to brick buildings.