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Heating a modular house - available solutions

Modular houses are becoming increasingly popular in our country, so many are becoming interested in their construction and operation. One of the most important issues is certainly the heating of a modular home. What solutions are available? What to pay attention to when choosing a form of modular house heating? These and other questions are answered in this article.

The available methods of heating a modular house

As mentioned in the introduction, the issue of heating modular houses is of interest to more and more people, as evidenced by the popularity of searching on the Internet for the term: modular house heating. So how can this type of building be heated? The same as brick buildings, because modular houses do not differ from traditional construction. Therefore, the available methods of heating a modular house are a heat pump, gas or electric heating, or the installation of a solid fuel oven.

Of course, when deciding on specific heating for a modular house, it is worth considering the possibility of connecting to the existing installation (in the case of gas heating) or the installation costs (especially in the case of a heat pump). It is also worth noting that in a modular house, underfloor heating can function successfully, and this type of installation is especially recommended in the case of a heat pump. When deciding on gas heating, it is worth remembering that it does not have to come from the mains, because you can also equip yourself with special cylinders. Electric heating can, in turn, be based on radiators or modern underfloor heating mats. In the case of solid fuel boilers, pellets or eco-pea coal are recommended, which meets stringent environmental standards.

High thermal insulation - how are modular houses insulated?

A characteristic feature of modular houses is energy efficiency, which is achieved largely thanks to high thermal insulation. How are modular homes insulated? The wooden skeleton structure is filled inside with mineral wool, and from the outside, it is covered with a waterproof OSB board. This enables the thermal insulation to be made of polystyrene and the application of an external plaster layer, i.e. the execution of the facade. Thanks to this solution, external walls are characterized by a very low heat transfer coefficient. Its height is also influenced by the fact that the production of individual structural elements in the factory is very accurate and minimizes the risk of thermal bridges. Of course, in this case, it is worth choosing the right manufacturer who will guarantee high-quality workmanship. An example may be MARKAEKO, whose offer is available on the website: https://markaeko.pl/. It is also worth mentioning that, bearing in mind the high thermal insulation of modular houses, they should also be provided with adequate ventilation, and the wall structure should also include a vapour barrier (inside) and vapour-permeable (outside) foil. https://markaeko.pl/. It is also worth mentioning that given the high thermal insulation of modular homes, they should also be provided with adequate ventilation, and the wall construction should also include a vapor barrier film (on the inside) and a vapor permeable film (on the outside).

Do large double glazing affect temperature management?

As already mentioned, modular houses are characterized by energy efficiency, however, it is ensured not only by proper insulation but also by a compact body of the building or its appropriate location in relation to the directions of the world. The last issue is related to the use of large glazing in this type of project, which illuminates the interior with natural light. The energy obtained from the sun also heats the rooms in this way, so it is important that the day zone, in which large glazing is used, is located on the south side.

In the context of large glazing, many people also wonder about their impact on maintaining the temperature inside the building. After all, it is well known that windows are characterized by a much higher heat transfer coefficient than external walls. Well, it is true, but the energy balance thanks to the use of heat and light from the sun are positive. Of course, it is also important to install energy-efficient triple-glazed windows, which are characterized by the lowest possible heat transfer coefficient. The so-called warm assembly.

What to pay attention to when choosing a form of heating?

When choosing the form of heating a modular house, one should take into account not only the cost of installing the installation but also the possibility of connecting to the network or individual needs. The possibility of connecting to the network mainly applies to gas heating, which is most often supplied from the local gas pipeline. However, its lack does not mean that we have to give up gas heating, because it can be powered from a gas cylinder. What else to consider when choosing a form of heating? The convenience of heating with a heat pump, gas or electricity is also an important issue. A solid fuel boiler is definitely less convenient to use, with a large amount of space required for its installation and a place to store fuel.

When analyzing the available solutions, it is also worth considering the size of the building, because in the case of small modular houses it may turn out that even the most expensive form in operation will not mean very high bills. It should also be remembered that a properly insulated modular house does not require a lot of heating energy.

How much will we pay for heating a modular house?

An important issue for many people is also the cost of heating a modular house. Of course, it is difficult to define it, because a lot, in this case, depends on the size of the building, type of heating, current energy prices or personal preferences in terms of the temperature maintained. Certainly, the heat pump will be the cheapest in operation, but in this case, you should consider the higher cost of installing this type of installation. The location of the building also affects the bills, because in the south of Poland or in Suwałki, winter temperatures are usually lower, which translates into higher heating costs. However, a modular house is an energy-saving solution, which means that much less energy is needed to heat it than in the case of traditional houses of the same area.

What type of heating for a modular house? The decision in this regard should be made by each investor individually, based on the analysis of the available options as well as their own needs and specificity of a given building. It is worth considering both the installation costs of a given installation and the costs of its operation, which will allow you to choose the optimal solution.