hut 6x6 gabled 02 a0010


Loft seat - a one-story modular house or a mezzanine version. Popularly known as the Modern Barn.

As the development conditions on most recreational plots in Poland do not allow the use of a flat roof, we meet the customers’ expectations and have prepared our module in a version with a pitched roof.

The house can be built even on concrete blocks, but we suggest preparing pillar or strip foundations. With this version, we still do not need a building permit. The building application itself is enough. An additional advantage of the loft version is the possibility of using the attic as a mezzanine, which gives us more possibilities and, for example, an additional sleeping room in the house. The stairs to the mezzanine can be fixed or foldable.

The building area of such a module is 35 m2. The usable space of the version without the mezzanine is 28.73 m2, and with the mezzanine is as much as 40.92 m2.

The structure of the timber-frame module. The body of the building is thermally insulated with mineral wool, meeting the features of a year-round building.

We offer all the glazing from the front in this version of the modular house, but projects with fewer windows are also very popular.

hut 6x6 gabled 02 b0010

We’ll equip the building with a complete electrical installation with switches, sockets, lighting, heating, air conditioning and a boiler. We also provide complete white installation in the bathroom, the lining of floor panels, ceramic tiles or laminated, waterproof panels. We can make furniture and equip the house with household appliances and RTV at the customer's request. Taking into account the arrangement of the interior - there are plenty of options. We present to you a few that are included in our standard. 

This form of the module will work both as a year-round house and a holiday home for rent in the form of apartments. It will fit perfectly into any landscape. It will be great in the mountains, at the seaside, in Masuria or the Bieszczady Mountains. A modular house with such a roof and glazing is a perfect option for hotels and holiday resorts to expand their offering.