4 steps to getting a mortgage with mFinanse – we support you throughout the entire process

  1. Make an appointment for a telephone consultation or a meeting.
  2. Tell an expert about your credit needs.
  3. Choose the best offer from several banks with the support of an expert.
  4. An expert will help you complete the formalities, you will only need signatures.

mFinance it

  • almost 100 outlets of the own network operating under the name of mFinanse / mFinanse credit partner,
  • over 700 mFinanse credit experts, supporting clients in making important financial decisions, most often regarding the purchase of their dream house or apartment,
  • high quality of customer service based on training conducted in accordance with banking requirements and recommendations of good practices adopted by the Association of Financial Intermediation Companies and the Polish Bank Association.

Credit guide - frequently asked questions

What own contribution do I have to have when deciding on a mortgage to buy an apartment?

Bank offers vary in this respect. The minimum own contribution you must have is 10% of the value of the loaned property. If the property you want to buy costs 100,000. PLN then you must have own funds at a minimum level of 10 thousand. PLN (10%).

What is creditworthiness?

Creditworthiness is an assessment of your ability to repay the loan based on the documents and statements you provide. The bank checks what installments you will be able to pay after deducting all your credit obligations, fixed fees and living costs from your monthly income.

What mortgage interest rate to choose?

The interest rate affects the final cost of the loan - you can choose a fixed or variable interest rate. Variable interest rate - the installment amount may increase or decrease depending on the applicable interest rates. Temporary fixed interest rate - the loan installment does not change regardless of the economic situation for the period specified in the contract. This applies to interest rates and margins. The decision should always be made on the basis of the current economic situation and specialist forecasts. Which is better to choose? Much also depends on the amount of the loan and the length of the contract.