The advantage of the MARKAEKO modular buildings are energy efficiency, low operating costs and the fact that they are not inferior to traditional residential buildings in terms of functionality.

Mobility is an additional advantage. MARKAEKO modular buildings can be easily assembled, disassembled, enlarged with additional modules and transported to any place in Poland or the world.

It is worth noting that this type of house can be erected even in harsh ground conditions, which is not always possible in the case of traditional house construction.

What's more, the building area, which does not exceed 35 m2, does not require a building permit so that you enjoy your own home in 4-6 weeks.

Yes, the MARKAEKO modular facilities are offered all year round. They are made of the highest quality materials by the CE certificate.

The order fulfilment time depends on the preferred module size.

In the case of objects up to 35 m2, it is a period not longer than six weeks from the moment of signing the contract. In the case of larger areas, the implementation period will change analogically to the selected location.

It is possible to change the finish and configuration of interior rooms, according to the client’s individual needs, to the extent that the area of the facility allows. We consider all suggestions individually.

We invite you to view our modules at the headquarters of MARKAEKO in Węgierska Górka. Here we finalise the details and sign the contract. It is also possible to ship the contract via a courier company. 

MARKAEKO modules are delivered and finished. What does it mean? It is a complete finish from the outside (door + windows + facade) and inside (ceiling + walls + floor) with the distribution of prepared electrical and plumbing installations.

The price includes the net cost without equipment, i.e. without considering furniture and fittings. 

Electric heating, air conditioning, and a heat pump are recommended.

Other heat sources are infrared or a wood-burning stove. The preferred type of heating is determined individually depending on the client's preferences at the very beginning, before signing the contract.

We have a wide range of accessories that will make your stay / living in our MARKAEKO modular facilities pleasant. The basic ones are a terrace, a terrace roof, a pergola, external and internal roller shutters, and a personalised façade in the form of mobile curtains. For more demanding customers, we also offer a modular spa sauna.