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An energy-saving modular house, i.e. eco in its full version

A characteristic feature of modular houses is energy efficiency, making them ecological and economic solutions. What is the reason for the energy efficiency of modular houses? What solutions are worth using in them? These and other questions are answered in this article.

The energy efficiency of modular homes

Energy-efficient modular houses are created thanks to the use of appropriate technology or the use of appropriate materials. Appropriate design is also important to reduce energy losses. All these solutions mean that a modular house does not require a lot of energy to heat, and thus it is cheap to operate and ecological. It is also safe to say that the energy efficiency of modular homes is one of the reasons for their growing popularity. This is due to the fact that society is becoming increasingly aware and pays attention to both the costs of building a house and the expenses associated with its operation. Energy efficiency is also required by law and therefore cannot be ignored.

What is the reason for the lower energy consumption?

Certainly, many people are wondering what causes lower energy consumption in modular homes. Well, there are several factors, including the construction techniques used, the use of high-quality insulation materials, and the appropriate building design. Regarding the last point, it should be noted that modular houses are usually characterized by a compact body. Of course, this is associated with the ease of transporting ready-made elements or their production in the factory, but it also has a huge impact on the energy efficiency of the building. A compact body means minimizing the surface of external walls and thus reducing heat loss. Another important aspect in the case of modular house designs is the separation of appropriate functional zones in the building and its proper location in relation to the directions of the world. The day zone, which most often includes a living room, should be located on the south side, allowing the room to be illuminated with natural light and heated thanks to solar energy. For this reason, most of the designs of modular houses on the south side include large glazing that allows sunlight to enter the house’s interior.

Wysokie zaawansowanie technologiczne gwarantuje wyższą energooszczędność niż budynki tradycyjne

Warto mieć świadomość, że domy modułowe to rozwiązania, które są wysoko zaawansowane technologicznie. Gwarantuje to wyższą energooszczędność niż budynki tradycyjne. Jak wiadomo poszczególne elementy domów modułowych powstają w wyspecjalizowanych fabrykach, w związku z czym są wykonane dużo dokładniej niż w przypadku tradycyjnej budowy. Warto również zwrócić uwagę na fakt, że w domach modułowych stawia się na nowoczesne rozwiązania, które zapewniają energooszczędność. Doskonałym przykładem może być rekuperacja, czyli wentylacja mechaniczna z odzyskiem ciepła. Jej sposób działania opiera się na usuwaniu z pomieszczeń wilgoci oraz zanieczyszczeń, czy równoczesnym odzysku ciepła z już nagrzanego powietrza. Więcej różnic pomiędzy domami modułowymi, a tradycyjnymi budynkami można znaleźć w artykule Dom modułowy czy murowany – który wybrać i jakie są różnice?

High technological advancement guarantees higher energy efficiency than traditional buildings

It is worth being aware that modular houses are solutions that are technologically advanced. This guarantees higher energy efficiency than traditional buildings. As you know, individual elements of modular houses are made in specialized factories, therefore they are made much more accurately than in the case of traditional construction. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that in modular homes, emphasis is placed on modern solutions that ensure energy efficiency. A perfect example is a recuperation, i.e. mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. Its mode of operation is based on removing moisture and impurities from rooms, or at the same time recovering heat from already heated air. More differences between modular houses and traditional buildings can be found in the article Modular or brick house - which one to choose and what are the differences?

- plasterboard;

- vapour barrier foil;

- skeleton structure filled with mineral wool;

- breathable film;

- OSB;

- Styrofoam;

- plaster (facade).

Thanks to this structure, external walls are characterized by a low heat transfer coefficient, and heating a modular house does not require a lot of energy due to low heat losses. Of course, high thermal insulation requires proper ventilation, which will guarantee the removal of moisture from the inside of the house. Therefore, many people decide to use the aforementioned recuperation, which not only ventilates the rooms but also provides heat recovery.

Possibility of installing photovoltaic panels and a heat pump

It is well known that modular houses are energy-efficient, but not everyone is aware of the fact that they can also be referred to as passive houses. Of course, not in every case, as it requires the use of appropriate solutions. Examples include heating with a heat pump and installing a photovoltaic system to power it. It is a solution that is becoming increasingly popular, as evidenced by the popularity of searching the Internet for the following terms: modular house and heat pump. Of course, you should be aware that using a combination of a heat pump and photovoltaics requires considerable investment, but as a result heating, in a modular house can be free. A properly designed photovoltaic installation can also meet the demand for electricity used for other purposes, which means that electricity bills can also be negligible. A modular house and photovoltaic panels is a phrase that is very popular in the search engine, especially at a time when energy prices are rising very quickly.

In conclusion, it should be said that modular houses are energy-efficient, and thus their construction and operation are both economic and ecological. Of course, it is also important to choose the right contractor who will guarantee the highest quality.

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