To meet your inquiries, we have prepared a housing estate version of our modular buildings for potential investors who have plots of land and want to invest in buildings or houses for rent.

Our modules are perfect for this version in any place in Poland, both in the mountains and at the seaside.

The houses can be up even on concrete blocks, but we suggest preparing pillar foundations or a continuous strip.

The built-up area of a single module is 17.4 m2, the usable area of 13.9 m2, the built-up area of a double module is 34.8 m2, and the functional area is 28 m2. Technical specifications can be viewed in sections "Cubeeko mini" and "C.ubee.ko L."

The structure of the timber-frame module. The body of the building is thermally insulated with mineral wool, meeting the features of a year-round building.

We’ll equip the building with a complete electrical installation with switches, sockets, lighting, heating, air conditioning and a boiler. We also provide complete white installation in the bathroom, the lining of floor panels, ceramic tiles or laminated, waterproof panels. We can make furniture and equip the house with household appliances and RTV at the customer's request. Taking into account the arrangement of the interior - there are plenty of options. We present to you a few that are included in our standard. 

This module form will be perfect as houses for rent in the form of apartments. It will fit perfectly into any landscape. Such a modular estate is an ideal option for hotels and resorts to expand their offerings. We also advise that these modules can be combined, which can turn into a public utility building, school or kindergarten, for example. Soon we will also offer a loft version of such a mini developer.

If interested, we would like to hear from you, and we will answer any questions.