A one-storey building consists of one module with a building area of 17.4 m22, oraz powierzchni użytkowej 13,9 m2. , and a usable area of 13.9 m2. Perfect for a seasonal home. Thanks to the appropriately applied technology of the walls, it will prove itself handy both in the summer and winter seasons. 

It is also a very good offer for people looking for a small mobile office. As standard, we offer several options for arranging this seemingly small space. MINI is our basic module, which, thanks to well-thought-out design solutions, is adapted to be expanded with additional "cubes". 

It is an ideal base for entrepreneurs who want to expand their company's operations with new points of sale and a place to meet clients. The use of this space is universal and, contrary to appearances, basically unlimited.

A building of this type can be used to increase the usable area of any module or arrangement of modules.

It can also be a separate multi-purpose room. It is perfect as a garden sauna, spa or jacuzzi.

sauna throw