Single-storey or multi-storey version. Up to 35 m2 without planning permission.


CUBEEKO „L” " is a one-storey or multi-storey building consisting of two modules of the CUBEEKO MINI size connected in the shape of the letter "L". The building area is 34.8 m2, and the usable space is 28 m2. An essential element here is that such an area is feasible only on the application; you do not need to have any building permits. Thus you save time and money. This can be ideal for enterprising people who love to invest and allocate money wisely.

Like the CUBEEKO MINI, "L" is an excellent proposition for a residential house for 2-4 people. The duplicated row layout of homes of this shape will fit very well into a recreational area, e.g. a camping site, and various options for finishing the facade will distinguish each house separately. A personalised gloss will give character to each module. In the example, there is a parzenica motif in the form of a sliding curtain. This module form will also work well as a catering facility, such as a minibar or a cafe with a small terrace for customers. It can also be an excellent proposition for active people who love to exercise and have always dreamed of having their own gym.

 CUBEEKO „Z” is a one-storey building consisting of two MINI-sized modules connected in the shape of the letter "Z". The building area is 34.8 m2, and the usable space is 28 m2. The unusual form of the building will make it stand out from the crowd. „Z” will be an advertisement for itself in the case of serving as apartments for rent located in the mountains and by the sea. . In terraced houses, it will create exciting forms of space development together with „L” bardzo ciekawe formy zagospodarowania przestrzeni. Taking into account the arrangement of the interior - there are plenty of options. We present to you a few that are included in our standard. 

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