Single-storey or double-storey version. Above 35 m2. One-story building consisting of three modules joined together in a "C" shape. The built-up area is 52.2 m2, and the usable area is 42 m2. 

"C" is an enlarged by one module version of "L". With the expansion of the floor space, the possibilities of the building's use increase. The building will be a very good place for two families to meet and relax both in summer and winter. It will also work well as a year-round house for a family of 2-4 people. An important advantage of this development is its modern and original design, which can be an ideal form for a customer going with the times, who is comfortable with the so-called apartment building.

Possible usages could be enumerated for a long time: from a private leisure facility to a beauty salon. There are plenty of development possibilities; the only limitation is our imagination. That is why our houses are simply universal and timeless.