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what are passive houses

What are passive houses ?

Current trends in construction emphasize the practicality of the building and the low cost of erecting and operating it. A very important aspect in this regard is energy efficiency. All these assumptions are ideally met by passive houses. Today we are concerned with using as little energy as possible, including when using a home or office. The goal is, of course

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Turnkey house for the price of an apartment what you should know about

Turnkey house for the price of an apartment - what is worth knowing?

The advantage of modular construction is not only the speed of construction, but also the relatively low cost. As a result, it is possible to purchase a turnkey house at the price of an apartment, which is an extremely attractive solution. What are its advantages? For whom are turnkey houses? We answer. Definition of "turnkey house" In order to present the advantages of turnkey houses

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Whether modular homes are a good choice for real estate investors

Are modular homes a good choice for real estate investors?

Investment in real estate is definitely a good source of potential profits. However, it is worth considering whether to bet on traditional construction, or whether it is better to take an interest in modern modular homes. They have numerous advantages that investors should appreciate. Modular construction is a modern trend gaining popularity in Central Europe or Scandinavia. In Poland

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KVH wood in modular homes or worth investing in

KVH wood in modular homes - is it worth the investment?

What is KVH wood? The growing popularity of modular homes made of KVH wood is causing more and more people to start wondering what it even is. Confirmation of this fact can be seen in the large number of search engine queries on the phrase: KVH wood what is it. As a result, it is worth knowing,

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the role of expanded clay in the construction of modular homes

The role of expanded clay in the construction of modular homes

Modular houses are buildings that are constructed from ready-made components produced in factories. Very often, expanded clay is used in their production, which is important both in terms of price and building performance. What distinguishes modular construction? What are the benefits of using expanded clay in modular homes? Answers to these and other

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can you get a 2 percent loan for a modular home

Is it possible to get a 2 percent loan for a modular home?

The 2 percent loan is an offer of preferential mortgage terms, which can be taken out for the purchase of a first apartment or house, for the construction of a house or for its completion. What requirements must be met to obtain it? Does a modular home qualify for a 2 percent loan? Answers to these and other questions can be found in

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Modular houses - projects that are available on the market

Modular houses are built from prefabricated elements - that is, modules - made from prefabricated components. They are brought to the construction site and assembled there. Thanks to this, erecting a building takes much faster than with classic construction methods, and does not generate harmful noises or waste that needs to be disposed of. The cost of the investment also

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mordern wooden stair with small garden below. 3d illustration

Types of internal stairs - solutions in modular houses

What are the types of interior stairs? As mentioned in the introduction, modular houses can be not only one-story buildings, but also one-story buildings, which necessitates the construction of appropriate stairs. This is also required by a modular house with a mezzanine floor, which can be used as a bedroom or as a lounge area. In this regard, it is useful to know what types of

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modern tiny house in winter forest barnhouse cozy. al generated

Modular houses in winter conditions

What affects the heat in a modular home? A modular house in winter can be just as comfortable as in summer. This is because the heat in this type of building is influenced not only by the heating system used, but also by properly made insulation, so that modular houses are in no way inferior to traditional brick buildings. The issue of heating in

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how much does it cost to maintain a modular home

How much does it cost to maintain a modular home?

The popularity of modular homes is primarily due to their numerous advantages, among which are at least low operating costs. So how much does it cost to maintain a modular home? Is it possible to reduce costs to zero? We answer. How much does water, gas and electricity cost for a modular home? Listing the advantages of modular homes, most of their owners will certainly

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Whether modular construction will work as a summer house on a plot of land

Will modular construction work as a summer house on a plot of land?

If you are looking for a way to quickly and easily build a summer house on your lot, modular construction may be the perfect solution. This innovative way of building allows you to use prefabricated components that can be easily transported and assembled on site, creating a finished building in no time. Our article will dispel any doubts about

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