A one-storey building consists of one module with a built-up area of 17.4 m2, and a usable area of 13.9 m2. Perfect for a seasonal home and office. Thanks to the appropriately applied technology of the walls, it will prove itself handy both in the summer and winter seasons.


CUBEEKO "L" is a one-storey or multi-storey building consisting of two modules of the CUBEEKO MINI size connecter in the shape of the letter "L".


The built-up area is 34.8 m2, and the usable space is 28 m2.


Single-storey or multi-storey version. Above 35 m2. A one-story building consists of three modules connected in the shape of the letter "C". The building area is 52.2 m22and the usable space is 42 m2.2

Unlimited possibilities to create other functional layouts!

  • Strona Główna


    A one-storey building consists of one module with a built-up area of 17.4 m2, and a usable area of 13.9 m2. Perfect for a seasonal home and office. Thanks to the appropriately applied technology of the walls, it will prove itself handy both in the summer and winter seasons.
  • Strona Główna


    CUBEEKO "L" is a one-story or two-story building consisting of two modules of CUBEEKO MINI size joined together in the shape of the letter "L". The built-up area is 34.8 m2, and the usable area is 28 m2.
  • Strona Główna


    One-story or two-story version. Over 35 m2. A one-story building consisting of three modules connected together in the shape of the letter "C". The built-up area is 52.2 m2, and the usable area is 42 m2. Unlimited possibility to create other functional layouts!

Advantages of MARKAEKO modules


Our facilities are made of ecological materials. The structure is made of KVH- wood, certified class C24 with appropriate humidity.

No planning permission

We carry out the construction of facilities with an area not exceeding 35 m2. In the case of the structure of buildings with such dimensions, no building permit is required.

Easy transport

Thanks to modular buildings, with our help, you can transport a house from one plot to another. The module dimensions have been adjusted, so they do not exceed the maximum dimensions of the load.

Larger area

The possibility of increasing the usable area by adding additional modules to each other.

Lead time

The execution time does not depend on weather conditions, as with traditional construction.


The investor does not have to worry about the purchase, transport and storage of materials.

Other advantages

  • reduction of labour and equipment costs
  • no noisy work on the construction site
  • no construction waste on the construction site

About us


Our company was founded in 2010 with a view to the professional organisation of contemporary construction. The central aspect of the company's activity is the support and service of energy-efficient single-family and multi-family housing and supervision of investments throughout the country. The extension of the company's profile is the implementation of modern, environmentally friendly technologies such as renewable energy sources. The introduction of a new activity is a pro-ecological intention, thanks to which we can meet the expectations of customers and at the same time make Polish energy-saving and ecological construction up to European standards.

How do we work?


Customer needs

We examine the needs of a given client and adjust the appropriate offer for them


Project details

We arrange the details, sign the documents, and start the contract


We build dreams

We deliver the module to the site and hand over the keys to the new owner.

The technology of MARKAEKO modules


Floor - hybrid skeleton made of C24 certified wood on an aluminium substructure. Insulation is made of mineral wool, and the whole thing is covered from the bottom with a sheet from external factors.

The walls

All-year-round mineral wool insulated with a package of interlayer membranes. Original interior surfaces without wet work.


Permanent facade expeditions tailored to the needs of the client and the environment. Larch wood is in line with nature and is unique. Also, we use only the best steel panels.


Window and door joinery

PVC aluminium multi-chamber window and door profiles, varnished according to the RAL palette with a low-emission package of double and triple glazing.


The solid skeleton structure is appropriately protected against changing weather conditions. The cover is made of a high-quality steel sheet with fittings without eaves.

Window shutter

Personalised patterns matched the facade cladding and the preferences of the new owners. It can present an individual project while fulfilling its function.



Why is a modular house a good solution?

The advantage of the MARKAEKO modular buildings are energy efficiency, low operating costs and the fact that they are not inferior to traditional residential buildings in terms of functionality.

Mobility is an additional advantage. MARKAEKO modular buildings can be easily assembled, disassembled, enlarged with additional modules and transported to any place in Poland or the world.

It is worth noting that this type of house can be erected even in harsh ground conditions, which is not always possible in the case of traditional house construction.

What's more, the building area, which does not exceed 35 m2, does not require a building permit so that you enjoy your own home in 4-6 weeks.

Can the modules be used all year round?

Yes, the MARKAEKO modular facilities are offered all year round. They are made of the highest quality materials by the CE certificate.

What is the time to process the order?

The order fulfilment time depends on the preferred module size.

In the case of objects up to 35 m2, it is a period not longer than six weeks from the moment of signing the contract. In the case of larger areas, the implementation period will change analogically to the selected location.

What can changes to the design be made?

It is possible to change the finish and configuration of interior rooms, according to the client’s individual needs, to the extent that the area of the facility allows. We consider all suggestions individually.

What does the order process look like?

We invite you to view our modules at the headquarters of MARKAEKO in Węgierska Górka. Here we finalise the details and sign the contract. It is also possible to ship the contract via a courier company. 

In what condition are the modules delivered to our customers? What's included in the price of PLN 3,900 for 1m2?

MARKAEKO modules are delivered and finished. What does it mean? It is a complete finish from the outside (door + windows + facade) and inside (ceiling + walls + floor) with the distribution of prepared electrical and plumbing installations.

The price includes the net cost without equipment, i.e. without considering furniture and fittings.

What heating is offered for modular homes?

Electric heating, air conditioning, and a heat pump are recommended.

Other heat sources are infrared or a wood-burning stove. The preferred type of heating is determined individually depending on the client's preferences at the very beginning, before signing the contract.

What add-ons can modules have?

We have a wide range of accessories that will make your stay / living in our MARKAEKO modular facilities pleasant. The basic ones are a terrace, a terrace roof, a pergola, external and internal roller shutters, and a personalised façade in the form of mobile curtains. For more demanding customers, we also offer a modular spa sauna.


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